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24 May 2024 @ 09:03 am

Alright, so, it's not really fair of me to just "friends only" my LJ and not explain my friending policy. Basically, this was done because I had a lot of people (I use that word hesitantly - I think they might've been bots) spamming my posts. There are also some things on here that I feel shouldn't be shared on the whole internet.

I reserve the right to choose to friend or not friend anyone and to remove anyone from my friend lists at anytime. My definition of "friending" someone indicates that I have a personal connection or shared interest with that person.
 People are welcome to friend me, but that does not necessarily mean I will friend you back unless we have at least talked some and feel we share some interests. If you want to be added back, post here or send me a message.

Thank you!
Current Mood: blahblah