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17 July 2011 @ 07:32 pm
Why I Like That Japan Won the World Cup  
These last couple weeks have been the FIFA Women's World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany. I love football, so I've been watching avidly, even though Italy never made it past the playoff with the USA in the groups. Since I have strong ties to both America and Japan as well, I wanted both of them to do really well, even if Japan was never supposed to be a strong contender according to the commentators. The USA's game against Brazil was amazing, and Japan's games against Germany and Sweden were a real testament to Japan's strength. When it came down to it, with a USA v. Japan world final, I would've been happy with either country winning.

And it turns out Japan won in penalty kicks. Firstly, I have to say that I loathe with a passion penalty kicks. I think they are not fair and take the fun out of football. It's more of a guessing game than a tactical game. But Japan did win, and I congratulate them. Not only because they worked so hard to get where they are, but because of what it means to Japan. After suffering such a devastating earthquake and tsunami, followed by a nuclear disaster that it is predicted to take at least 20 years to clean up, I feel that this is a major push towards recovery for the Japanese people. But I feel stronger for the Japanese women. In a country of 120 million people, only 125,000 girls are registered to play football. The men's football team is much more renowned. And now these women have won Japan's first world title ever. The USA is still ranked number 1 in the world, and have two world cup titles under their belt, so I  believe they can win again in 4 years. However, I believe that this was the right time for the Japan's women football team to win and so I say:

Congratulations Nadeshiko Japan!

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